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Yesterday, two Promus Ventures portfolio companies (Rocket Lab and Spire) announced they were going public via SPAC (double the fun!). Yesterday we wrote about Rocket Lab’s $4.1B enterprise valuation announcement and today we get the privilege of trumpeting Spire and its plans to go public at a $1.2B enterprise valuation.

There are few teams that we have worked with that have globally scaled at an early stage as seamlessly as Spire. …

Introduces New 8-Ton Class Reusable “Neutron” Rocket for Mega Constellations, Deep Space Missions and Human Spaceflight

Rocket Lab Team — May 2020
Rocket Lab Team — May 2020
Rocket Lab Team — May 2020 (Pete Beck in front left corner with pants)

You get one chance at life right? Might as well go big then, and hard to get much bigger than Rocket Lab. This extraordinary team has achieved a long list of accomplishments in a short period of time. Rocket puns aside (you were waiting), it has been a remarkable ride so far.

Pete Beck never wants the spotlight. So we’re happy to put it squarely on him today and that fact that Rocket Lab has announced its plans to go public via SPAC at…

The Startup Game Takes Years. No One Wants to Hear This.

Frothy markets bring out short-term players in droves. Sure, why not use hard-earned savings to go long way out of the money calls in [fill in random stock ticker] which fits some chat room short squeeze formula. Or better yet, buy some random [fill in random crypto coin] just because it’s up 60% overnight. For the common investor, this isn’t prudent investing, it’s quick trading or outright gambling, and it’s like trying to cross No Man’s Land without stepping on a mine.

True capital growth takes time and the…

Eight Year Overnight Success — Unlocking Human Potential

“Feelings are overrated.”

This thesis is what set Will Ahmed and John Capodilupo in 2012 to start Whoop with the vision of measuring and improving human health through unique and real-time data insights about our bodies. We think we know what our bodies are telling us about strain and recovery, but in reality we are clueless. Whoop exists to fill this void.

We first met Will back in June 2013 at Harvard’s Innovation Lab where they had already iterated on seven prototypes. The first page of their deck stated “People lack quantifiable…

How can you tell if a founding team will be honest with investors?

Every day someone is trying to sell us. It’s our job at Promus Ventures to cut through the chatter and figure out if the team in front of us is all that and a bag of chips or just another team with hope as its strategy.

Why is fundraising so hard? Easy — because many founders seem to only wax poetic about how they will change the world with superfluous vernacular and heady banter. Little do they know people aren’t always swayed with flowing rhetoric and giant TAMs…

What separates the best teams is their grounding in reality and ability…

Seasoned European Venture Capital Investor Joins Promus Ventures

Investing in more than 70 startups since 2012, Promus Ventures has been privileged to work with talented and unique deep-tech startups around the globe. Although we have primarily invested in the United States, we more often than not find ourselves on long plane flights out of the US to meet startups, attend board meetings, and speak at various conferences.

This trend has continued over the last five years as we have made numerous investments in UK, Germany, Finland and New Zealand and spoke at conferences in Abu Dhabi, Glasgow, Paris, Luxembourg City…

It’s a Long Game — Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Surprisingly, many startup teams as well as VCs don’t respond well to hearing someone tell them “No.”

Which is interesting, in that founders and VCs should be hearing the word “No” all the time.

Learning to respond well to rejection will pay dividends in the future. Winners find a way, and perseverence and tenacity are two of the most desired traits in a team. How a person or team handles constant rejection will show if they have what it takes to run through the many proverbial walls in front of them as they build their platform, product and pipeline.


Promus Ventures-backed RocketLab successfully launches its second Electron rocket in Mahia, New Zealand

By: Mike Collett and Gareth Keane

One sector where Promus Ventures has long believed has tremendous opportunity to change the global landscape is the emerging New Space economy. Since our launch (pun intended) in 2012, we have been privileged to invest in numerous teams across the world focused on creating and capturing significant value in all parts of the New Space value chain, in addition to our other deep-tech investments in machine learning, robotics, synthetic biology, etc.

Our New Space portfolio is wide-ranging, currently with eight announced companies tackling very different markets and products. Companies such as RocketLab, Spire, and…

Former SF-Based Qualcomm Ventures Investment Manager Joins Promus Ventures

We have written numerous posts over the years at Promus Ventures about the importance of hiring and team. From our Chicago headquarters, we have been investing now for almost six years into 64 platform startups, with 41 of these startups (64%) located in the San Francisco Bay area. We invest mostly in the US, but have investments in London, Berlin, Helsinki, and Auckland.

Thus, it is with great excitement that we welcome Gareth Keane, former Senior Investment Manager for Qualcomm Ventures in San Francisco, to our investment team as Partner to…

Sequoia leads round alongside Promus Ventures, Founders Fund, Storm Ventures and Bloomberg Beta

San Francisco-based Cobalt Robotics recently announced its $13M Series A round led by Sequoia. Promus Ventures led Cobalt’s seed round with Bloomberg Beta in early 2016.

We were first introduced to Travis Deyle by a talented founder that Promus Ventures had earlier backed and led his seed round. Travis graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering concentrating on Robotics at Georgia Tech as well as a Senior Hardware Engineer at Google[x] Life Sciences. …

Mike Collett

@MikeCollett, Founder, Managing Partner, Promus Ventures; http://www.promusventures.com

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